Merry Xmas : Velli Lake

X’mas is the most special time of the year in Kerala as there are many christian people around here. I was also looking forward this time to mingle in the celebrations.


So I with one of my friends decided to surprise our gang. We arranged some of the best gifts for each and everyone and gift wrapped them.

Then, we decided to celebrate the day at Veli lake, a lake view restaurant located in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.. It’s a picnic spot, where the lake meets the Arabian Sea. We reached there in 30 minutes from our place by auto. There was also an entry fees of 20 Rs.

After reaching we just sat down at a grassy place.


As the gifts were planned well in advance, we didn’t take too much time to reveal it and they all were there, stunned with there jaws dropped in aww’s.


Well we got a treat in return and a beautiful gift later.

So we moved back later in the evening and it was hell of an ambience around the whole city with decorations and lights. My place had many churches nearby so we dropped at one. It was the first time I was going to a church and that too on Xmas eve.

xmas 1

xmas 2

xmas 3

It was so peaceful and the night cool breeze made my day. I was happy, my gang was.

This is what Xmas is all about, what I have learnt, give happiness, you will get yours.

Merry Xmas World. 🙂