Blessed Beauty of era

She is aura of time, a sweet sip of lime
beautiful creation of god,in nature having no crime

ravishing as ever, singing some mesmerizing rhymes
unarguably loveliest person i have met of all times.

Woman With Black Textile

waking up in the morning don’t show her the mirror
even mirror will blame her as it’s killer

Going into sunshine, sun tries to take away her glow
saying ‘sorry honey’ to it, she just had a pity show

Free stock photo of dawn, sunset, beach, woman

her calmness becomes everybody’s question at evening
i m tired of emphasizing, it’s just truly amazing

Nothing in this world is as charming as her
day and night assuming, can she be more better

God has embraced her with a powerful personality
still been freezed with her essence’s brutality

Not a single bastard missed to have a feel of that presence 
though, bithces are also intend to be jealous of her innocence

Woman in Black Tank Top Holding an Umbrella in Front of Yellow Concrete Wall

Dancing on toes competing her own challenges
a divine sense that made her far from revenges

No one has a previous reference of this strong soul
i proudly have found one, infact a god’s own ensoul

Almighty has sent his angel, in form of a girl thunder
she is the blessed beauty of era, that’s all i wonder.