Travel Bucket List : Wanderlust


Obsession of travel bucket, you can’t keep it away from a nomad heart. Being one, even I had lot of lists that keep my heart pumped throughout. I make lists for what I need to do, where I need to visit next, and what I want to eat next time I’m back in my home town, Lists are life, people.

Here is the first list which comes right out of my desires, describing the moments which I am waiting for to make my life a bit more memorable for me.

This list will be ever-growing & ever-changing as I cross things off and meet new people who inspire me.

It is only natural I make a list of place I want to go and things I want to see. This list will be the best gift from me to me on my 24th birthday i.e. today.

PS: I’ve made one specific to India as well: My Indian Travel Bucket

  1. Northern Lights in Finland (I went but missed them!)
  2. Stay in a castle overnight
  3. See a lion in the wild
  4. See the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt
  5. Go to Antarctica & see PENGUINS!
  6. Rent a van and tour New Zealand
  7. Stay in one of those ice hotels in Iceland
  8. Ride in a helicopter over the ocean
  9. Visit Harry Potter World in Florida
  10. Meet the Dalai Lama
  11. Visit the Andaman Islands
  12. Go to Disney
  13. Visit Israel and explore Jerusalem
  14. Visit Vatican City and explore about Holy Grail
  15. Camel Safari in the desert

What’s on your travel bucket list? Anything you think I’ve massively missed? I’m adding stuff as it comes so tell me.