As it happened…

As it happened, on the sweetest day of wen it all started
 just had a smiling glance and i felt completely rewarded
 It happened in a flow continuing some precious past memories
 came fresh in front of me, so much freezed were my biometries.

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 As it happened, we were growing in a friendship so gloomed
 that feeling was making my flying heart more and more roomed  
 It happened while talking on phone for long day and nights
 anxiety was there to take this relation to some known heights


 As it happened, together was getting some usual problems solved
 even the world around me was forgotten i was too much involved
 It happened wen she touched my cheek with holi colors so green
 time got paused, thinking not to let it resumed i was too mean


 As it happened, were keeping strange cute names of each other
 loveliest time that was, not here though, was a world another
 It happened when walking hand in hand on eve of my birthday
 is the most beautiful moment of my life don’t know how to say

 As it happened, were roaming on the road alongside her house
 was building lovely castles in the air of making her my spouse
 It happened while sitting with her in a nearby coffee-house
 trolling thought of being always together was making me arouse


 As it happened, the all time destroyer “Time” made things up on fire
 she was going away, demolishing was my every love desire
 It happened just a few months ago, let me tell you my friend
 cruel the time was to me, is this how everything tends to end

 As it happened, she left with flowing tears in our eyes
 I broke up completely, was alone in the false paradise
 As it happened, was praying for having her always fine
 how much love i do her in this life no one can define 


 It happened while dropping tears on her soft red stole
 It happened while anxiously performing that incomplete role
 It happened while sitting on sea shore, crying, can’t control
 It happened while thinking how to move ahead life’s too small
 It happened while missing that angel, my doll, that part of my soul.
 It happened, just happened…