Travel Bucket List : States of India

I haven’t been on a trip for long as it’s already been over 3-4 months now. But nomad inside me keeps on crying for some new experiences and keeps on pinning me for at least plan for some future trips.

Being in an Incredible Country Like India, I have never even visited half of the places or states in the country. So I thought why to think out of the box when you still have the whole box to explore.

So here I am with the list of the Indian states I have visited and tasted it’s culture so far. It is a fun check list to maintain and I thought this will make me plan my future domestic trips better.


1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Arunachal Pradesh
3. Assam
4. Bihar
5. Chhatisgarh
6. Goa ✔
7. Gujarat
8. Haryana ✔
9. Himachal Pradesh
10. Jammu & Kashmir
11. Jharkhand
12. Karnataka
13. Kerala ✔
14. Madhya Pradesh
15. Maharashtra ✔
16. Manipur
17. Meghalaya
18. Mizoram
19. Nagaland
20. Orissa
21. Punjab
22. Rajasthan
23. Sikkim
24. Tamil Nadu ✔
25. Tripura
26. Uttar Pradesh ✔
27. Uttaranchal ✔
28. West Bengal
29. Telangana

Union Territory
1. Andaman & Nicobar Islands
2. Chandigarh
3. Dadra & Nagar Haveli
4. Daman & Diu
5. Delhi ✔
6. Lakshadweep
7. Pondicherry

I know you must be wondering that it’s almost fully unchecked. It is mainly because of my first steps out of my hometown took me directly to the southern part of India. But there are lot of solo and group trips planned towards northern part too and I am super excited for it, specially for Uttranchal.

Well I am always open for sponsored trips. 😛 (Just kidding but I won’t really say no for one)

I will keep updating this once I visit any other state. So do come back to read the update.

How many Indian states have you put your steps in? Comment below the place and one thing you love about it.
( P.S: If you have missed to read my 20 in 20’s post, read it here. I am updating it regularly:D)
Once I am done at least with half of the states, I’ll share one thing I love about them, excited about that post, even I am.. 🙂