A Snap A Week : 3

Hey guys, here I am, with our own A Snap A Week for third week in a row.

Let’s checkout what I found for you this time.

I name it as Forest Trees it just says, beauty lies above you.



The Other Side of Fear

  • Most of us have two lives: the life we live, and the unlived life within us.  Steven Pressfield
  • Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the downward spiral begins.”Charles Stanley
  • The four-letter F-word that we should understand better and fight harder than fail is fear – Nicole V. Cramer
  • We are so scared of the unknown. Anything that we haven’t yet experienced can lead to fear – Andrea Holt
  • Bliss is on the other side of the fear – Will Smith

I will forever remember my first adventure sport – para sailing. I was absolutely terrified. Are you sure this parachute is going to stay up? The rope won’t creep out? “No sir, it’s not for sure. But it’s highly likely.” Great.

During water sports, I was scared nearly every moment when in the name of the banana ride the boatmen was taking us to almost the middle of the sea. Well, one thing was for sure—he was going to throw us there any moment. I drove myself crazy wondering what in the world that was going to feel like. But the feeling of laying down flat backwards on the water in the middle of ocean. Wow!!!

May be everyone, at least once in life time thought of why that one step terrify us, why pushing that just one step makes us pull one more back, why we don’t move ahead when every day life gives us new opportunities? Why???

The answer lies deep within us. Fear, fear to fail, fear to not reach to that chair of manager, fear to ask your crush for a date, fear to tell your parents about your dreams, fear to move out when nothing right is happening.

It’s the fear of rejection keeps us back, it’s the fear of failure which don’t let us even try once.

Even after all this if I would say, we should have fear, it is a must have thing. You might find me crazy, might have even thought, this person is retarded, he has just described how bad a fear can be, and now stating it as a must have.

But the truth is, yes we all should a fear within us, fear of not trying, fear of not giving us, our life, a chance to be the way we want it to be. Lets walk through some of the tricky situations, almost we all have faced.

What would have happened if you have asked your crush for a date on the last day of your college, she would not have married somebody else a year later.

What would have happened if you could have spirited the courage to tell your parents that you are good in music, you would not have been designing somebody’s else code, working 12 hours a day and still getting an average rating.

What would have happened if you followed the little inner voice crying out to you to say no to this marriage, you would not have ended up being a divorcee.

There are lot of ifs and buts, later in life when we misses out to push ourselves to just that one step at the right moment, and somehow we all know in which direction this flowchart can take us.

It’s when you stop procrastinating and you just do it because that’s where the magic is. We procrastinate when we’re afraid. It’s so much easier to avoid something than it is to face it. But we’re not here to take the easy way, oh no, we’re here to have incredible experiences.

It’s time. Right now. Not tomorrow but today.

Are you scared? Good, be excited instead. You’re about to have a soul-changing experience.


A Snap A Week

I liked the post series A Snap a Day as it was having some breath taking pictures to not just see, also to throw yourself in them. So I thought I would steal this idea and have it here for me, for you and for every photograph lover in the world.

But a snap per day will be a bit of hype, also being a professional IT world, it’ll be difficult for me to get that one perfect snap everyday for you.

So lets mould this idea as A Snap A Week and I here by promise to you all to get that one perfect snap every week.

Here is my first snap for this week.


When sun sets and still has lot to say, it shapes and conveys it message.

Sun set shaping an eagle saying just two words. “FLY HIGH”.


Weekend Getaway : Pawna – First camping experience

So here is the long weekend again, and I am also out again for some different experience. We see movies, often go to beaches, but that is too mainstream for a weekend to spend like. So on this long weekend I decided to go for camping, and when you are in Pune, Pawna lake is one of the top choices for sleeping under stars.


Located around 15 km from Lonavala, the Pawna Lake is one of the least explored artificial lakes in the vicinity of Pune. Nestled amidst the scenic locales of Kamshet, this lake came into existence after the construction of the Pawna Dam, and now it plays a scenic host for camping, picnics and sightseeing.

Cossetted by the pristine and untouched beauty of the nature, the lake is now gaining attention of the mass and caters to the need of a quick weekend getaway for the locals and the guests as well. In addition to its scenic beauty, the fact that it is located in a close contact with historic forts like Lohgad, Tikona and Tungi, it also makes it for a delightful treat for the holiday mongers.

So we drove our two wheeler for those 45 kms, and reached there in an hour and twenty mins. Roads were a bit damp in starting and the end route was worst I have ever seen, but eventually, boys a bit rusty, girls a bit frightened, we reached.


The camp site started to affectionate us immediately with it’s cool breezy wind, cleanliness, and some good snacks (not to forget :p). We got freshened up and move to our tent for which we had choices and went to take some chill from the lake.


The waves were calm and giving us the silence we wanted.

As soon as the night arrived with a crescent moon and a whole bunch of stars covering the sky and giving us a beautiful view from beneath to make our visit more worthy. The campfire became a necessity after 10 pm as it was so windy and cool that girls took out the bed sheets to cover them up from the chill.


After some of the dancing, guitar sessions and a birthday bash, we all moved into our respective tents while some decided to stay awake and booze all night.

Mornings at these place pushes you to think to never go back, but the thought soon vanished when the hard sunshine made the tent a no-entry zone. So we had our breakfast- some poha and tea and some quick snaps before we started returning back from there.



Well, when you are wandering in a village full of mango trees, the thief kid automatically comes out and we ended up filling our bag with lot of mangoes.


I was having a thought that a camping experience is something over-hyped by Bollywood movies but damn this experience was amazingly great. No laptops, no WiFi, no disturbance. Its just you- we were a bunch of guys who were there just to relax ourselves from office struggles and had a great experience. Loved the entire experience.

Plan for a night camp at Pawna lake and the forts nearby on your next trip and I am sure it is going to amaze you with its beautiful experience. 🙂