Indian Men : What scares Indian men

For all those feminists who can get blundered with the topic itself and start raising the voice let me tell you very clear that here we are absolutely not talking about the people who stares, stalks women or even eve-teases or for that matter rapes. Males, who roams in darkness just to grab one of those ladies who by any chance are walking alone or are in a remote area for some reason.

Here we are taking into consideration the gentlemen, who are faithful to their families and live their life around them, work hard and try to live life with loyalty and are innocent by all means.

So what scares Indian men?

And the answer is, Indian men, today, is scared to be falsely accused by woman.

Yes, a small, tiny truth, which is not even given a thought by a huge part of the society, but a fact. We have several laws stating only the woman’s part not the opposite one.

And to prove that only one example is enough.

Just a day before, I read a question on Quora.
And a so called respectful lady was asking that ,

How do I tell my husband that he is no longer good enough for me?

I got fit. I got promoted. There are dozens of men at my work that are better looking, drive better cars, stay in larger homes, that have manifested interest in me. I decided I deserve more and better.

Now if a man would have posted such shit, I guess a lot of feminist, till now, would have dragged that man on to the roads.

We have laws for dowry, people are punished, imprisoned, fined and lot more. I give my consent for it. But why don’t we have it’s negative direction covered. We have seen lot of false cases where a woman just to move in with her boyfriend, accuses falsely her in-laws and they suffers all their life.

And after divorce, what happen at that time, when women drags her husbands in the court for alimony even if she is not dependent. and just want divorce to make money out of this relation. Do we have laws for that. I don’t see any.

I feel there for men..

Are we Indians too weak to think in two direction simultaneously. Where we can make such laws which must covers all the aspects of a situation.

Why can’t we think beyond the current flows and take each and every facet into consideration so that at least the number of innocents getting thrashed, remains negligible.

I quote.



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