Stories : Moments We Forget To Live

I have always loved writing. In any era, writing has always emerged as a silent warrior. Poems, Books, Novels, Articles, Stories, they all have been the torch bearer in the times of uncertainties.

So in these time of uncertainties, I am starting to feature a new section of writing. The life stories. Which will of course tell us what we already know but never implemented because we never lived it. But here we all have a chance to live all those phases with some common people issue we face everyday.

In the coming time, I’ll write stories about a boy named Sameer. Sameer, the wind, can not stick to one place for long, has to be moving all the time. We’ll get to know several aspects of his life and what all he has gone through in a span of 25 years of his eventful life.

Lets meet Sameer.

Sameer is an IT engineer by profession, but a dreamer by heart who is moving inch by inch, day by day towards his goals.
What his goals are, well that’s we’ll come to know in the near future when we’ll sit down with him over a cup of coffee and discuss what all common problems a boy faces which he never makes public and still give people smiles like the coool breezy wind in summer.

Vibrant, energetic, intelligent yet naive, being a part of a boy’s school throughout that too from his state board and in his local language, he never came out of his heart to live in the moment. He always miss to say the things when needed and later comes out with several thoughts to make him stand out, regrets, for all the chances he misses everyday.

Chance to express his feelings, chance to say no, chance to respond when someone is making fun of him, chance of let his thoughts out to stand out at his work place, chance to break into his passion for sports, yes he misses all these every simgle time. Yet when he sit back in evening, with his very own thoughts, he comes up with real good ideas to not repeat the mistakes again and growing as a better person.

He lives away with his family, what almost every youth today is doing, some just wish to, and some due to the circumstances or some due to lack of opportunities. He misses every part of his childhood, like we all do, whatever it was like, poor, ugly whichever way it was, we all love it. Here his memory plays a vital role in his journey. We all take lot of photos to keep memories fresh, but for Sameer it just takes a heartful of moment and that snap remains with him or should we say inside him forever.

It hurts sometimes, but brings some peaceful tears more often. Even after all this, you will find this person cheerful, creative, a giver, and above all a person who spreads happiness.

Excited to know more about Sameer, me too, see you until next time.



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