Stories : Moments We Forget To Live

I have always loved writing. In any era, writing has always emerged as a silent warrior. Poems, Books, Novels, Articles, Stories, they all have been the torch bearer in the times of uncertainties.

So in these time of uncertainties, I am starting to feature a new section of writing. The life stories. Which will of course tell us what we already know but never implemented because we never lived it. But here we all have a chance to live all those phases with some common people issue we face everyday.

In the coming time, I’ll write stories about a boy named Sameer. Sameer, the wind, can not stick to one place for long, has to be moving all the time. We’ll get to know several aspects of his life and what all he has gone through in a span of 25 years of his eventful life.

Lets meet Sameer.

Sameer is an IT engineer by profession, but a dreamer by heart who is moving inch by inch, day by day towards his goals.
What his goals are, well that’s we’ll come to know in the near future when we’ll sit down with him over a cup of coffee and discuss what all common problems a boy faces which he never makes public and still give people smiles like the coool breezy wind in summer.

Vibrant, energetic, intelligent yet naive, being a part of a boy’s school throughout that too from his state board and in his local language, he never came out of his heart to live in the moment. He always miss to say the things when needed and later comes out with several thoughts to make him stand out, regrets, for all the chances he misses everyday.

Chance to express his feelings, chance to say no, chance to respond when someone is making fun of him, chance of let his thoughts out to stand out at his work place, chance to break into his passion for sports, yes he misses all these every simgle time. Yet when he sit back in evening, with his very own thoughts, he comes up with real good ideas to not repeat the mistakes again and growing as a better person.

He lives away with his family, what almost every youth today is doing, some just wish to, and some due to the circumstances or some due to lack of opportunities. He misses every part of his childhood, like we all do, whatever it was like, poor, ugly whichever way it was, we all love it. Here his memory plays a vital role in his journey. We all take lot of photos to keep memories fresh, but for Sameer it just takes a heartful of moment and that snap remains with him or should we say inside him forever.

It hurts sometimes, but brings some peaceful tears more often. Even after all this, you will find this person cheerful, creative, a giver, and above all a person who spreads happiness.

Excited to know more about Sameer, me too, see you until next time.



A Snap A Week : 5

Hey guys, the monsoon has arrived, and the rain drops are taking everyone’s attention now a days, simultaneously the most active species in the monsoon season is photographers, including me. :p

So I took my camera and my vehicle out for a journey in heavy rain making my soul wet, and capturing some of the moments. Meanwhile I got a click which captures quite a beautiful snap.

Here it goes :-


I’ll try to capture these drops more closely in coming weeks. But this one having a part of tress and drops dropping by was a blissful experience. Saw it in slow motion too. 😛


Hey guys, so, I am back here with some new and fascinating words, which, I am sure everyone of you will love to know and to use in future after knowing their simple meanings.

I have brought you all 5 new words which I have learnt recently and trying to bring them in day-to-day use. And from now on-wards I would be adding at least one example with each word along with their meaning.

And these new 5 words are :-

  1. Beseech :- Earnest request.
  2. Imbecile :- A stupid person.
  3. Barter :- exchange
  4. Soiree :- An in-house evening party.
  5. Tome :- A large, heavy scholarly book

Examples :-

  1. My friend, keep this secret to you, I beseech you.
  2. Try not to make imbecile remarks.
  3. I often barter chocolates for my secrets from my sister.
  4. soiree requires far fancier attire
  5. The wizard opened his creaky, leather-bound tome of magic, and began to cast a spell.

I hope the meanings and examples are helpful.

Do let me know if you find it helpful and was able to use them in your conversations.



Indian Men : What scares Indian men

For all those feminists who can get blundered with the topic itself and start raising the voice let me tell you very clear that here we are absolutely not talking about the people who stares, stalks women or even eve-teases or for that matter rapes. Males, who roams in darkness just to grab one of those ladies who by any chance are walking alone or are in a remote area for some reason.

Here we are taking into consideration the gentlemen, who are faithful to their families and live their life around them, work hard and try to live life with loyalty and are innocent by all means.

So what scares Indian men?

And the answer is, Indian men, today, is scared to be falsely accused by woman.

Yes, a small, tiny truth, which is not even given a thought by a huge part of the society, but a fact. We have several laws stating only the woman’s part not the opposite one.

And to prove that only one example is enough.

Just a day before, I read a question on Quora.
And a so called respectful lady was asking that ,

How do I tell my husband that he is no longer good enough for me?

I got fit. I got promoted. There are dozens of men at my work that are better looking, drive better cars, stay in larger homes, that have manifested interest in me. I decided I deserve more and better.

Now if a man would have posted such shit, I guess a lot of feminist, till now, would have dragged that man on to the roads.

We have laws for dowry, people are punished, imprisoned, fined and lot more. I give my consent for it. But why don’t we have it’s negative direction covered. We have seen lot of false cases where a woman just to move in with her boyfriend, accuses falsely her in-laws and they suffers all their life.

And after divorce, what happen at that time, when women drags her husbands in the court for alimony even if she is not dependent. and just want divorce to make money out of this relation. Do we have laws for that. I don’t see any.

I feel there for men..

Are we Indians too weak to think in two direction simultaneously. Where we can make such laws which must covers all the aspects of a situation.

Why can’t we think beyond the current flows and take each and every facet into consideration so that at least the number of innocents getting thrashed, remains negligible.

I quote.



English in today’s era is not a professional language anymore. It is spoken in day-to-day lives and being practised in almost every urbanised area. English is either the official language or one of the official languages in almost 60 sovereign states. It is the most commonly spoken language in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand, and is widely spoken in some areas of the Caribbean, Africa, and South Asia.

Being important is not the only feature English possess, it also contains a vast database of words, which if used can just change the confidence of the person. So I thought let’s just start a practice to learn 5 new words every now and then and improve our vocab. It will surely help us all everywhere we go.

I’ll bring you 5 words whenever I learn something new. After all “Your ‘Knowledge’ increases if you share it”.

So first five new words are :-

  1. Tenacity :- The quality of being determined. Persistent determination.
  2. Culmination :- The climactic point of something, attained after a long time.
  3. Delirious :- In a state of wild excitement or ecstasy.
  4. Agitated :- Troubled emotionally.
  5. Flock :- Cluster of birds.

We all will practice these until we get new words.

And I bet after some time the size of our own dictionary is gonna increase for sure that too with some delicious words..cheers!!!


Mirza Galib : Tribute to the soneteer

Taj Mahal is not the only marvel Agra has produced. But the city of pethas has been very unkind to its other Gems, foremost amongst them being Mirza Ghalib. The great soneteer from far old civilisation left an impression on the culture of the times and for years to come. Even today, the world continues to be in awe and admiration of him. He enriched the language by his writings, so much so that the language looks incomplete without him. Here we celebrate the greatness and the tenacity of words of Galib sahab masters.

Mirza Asadullah Beg Khan, known to the world as Ghalib, a non-de-plume he adopted, was born in Agra on Dec 27, 1797. With his marriage at the age of 13, he moved to Delhi. That was a defining moment for him. His initial years were very comfortable and the later was the opposite, largely in penury and on pension. He showed his poetic brilliance while he was very young. Large part of his work in Urdu was done by the time he was 19 years, within 6 years of his arrival to Delhi. He later dabbled in Persian and 30 years later, returned back to writing in Urdu, when he was a courtier. He produced pieces, both prose and poetry, which were as brilliant as his younger years. It was due to him that this language of commoners attained poetic status.

The toughest part for any lover of Urdu poetry is to figure out which are some of best couplets. It’s impossible to pick up a few. I have picked up a few, which I loved. There are many more, which I equally love, but want to restrict for this article. I don’t claim that these are the best nor do I have the competence to say so. Just enjoy them. If you love it, go for more on the net or buy a book.

The maestro had his own ‘signature’ style…andaaz-e-bayan aur..a class apart..

हैं और भी दुनिया में सुख़नवर बहुत अच्छे
कहते हैं ग़ालिब का अंदाज़-ए-बयां और ..

That he challenged the widely held concepts, to the disliking of the fundamentalists, tells me that he didn’t hold an orthodox view of religion.

हमको मालूम है जन्नत की हक़ीक़त लेकिन
दिल को ख़ुश रखने के लिए ग़ालिब ये ख्याल अच्छा है ..

Here is another one which drives the same point I made before. It becomes clear to me that he was a true liberal and disliked practioners of orthodoxy, hypocrisy and narrow-minded approach…the same very preacher was seen coming out of the pub…

कहाँ मैख़ाने का दरवाज़ा ग़ालिब और कहाँ वाइज़ ,
पर इतना जानते हैं के कल, वो जाता था और हम निकले ..

This one is my favourite…

हज़ारों ख्वाईशें ऐसी, के हर ख्वाइश पे दम निकले
बहुत निकले मेरे अरमां , लेकिन फिर भी कम निकले  ..

Have you seen a better romance with pain …isn’t it true in real life…when pain goes beyond tolerance…that very pain turns into the balm …

इशरत-ए-कतरा है दरिया में फ़ना हो जाना ,
दर्द का हद से गुज़रना है दवा हो जाना ..

The final one, I present to you, sums up the philosophy of life…mantra for leading a happy life…

कुछ इस तरह मैंने ज़िंदगी को आसां कर दिया ,
किसी से माफ़ी मांग ली, तो किसी को माफ़ कर दिया  ..

His original Takhallus (pen-name) was Asad, drawn from his given name, Asadullah Khan. At some point early in his poetic career he also decided to adopt the pen-name of Ghalib (meaning all conquering, superior, most excellent). At some places in his poetry Ghalib also used the pen name of Asad Ullah Khan.

Ustad of Urdu was buried in Hazrat Nizamuddin near the tomb of Nizamuddin Auliya. But his verses become eternal and lived forever in the million hearts of the poetic lovers.

Let’s just enjoy some more of Galib’s rhymes and let our emotions unleash.

सिसकियाँ लेता है वजूद मेरा गालिब,
नोंच नोंच कर खा गई तेरी याद मुझे।

इश्क़ पर ज़ोर नहीं है ये वो आतिश ग़ालिब,
कि लगाए न लगे और बुझाए न बने।

ज़िंदगी अपनी जब इस शक्ल से गुज़री,
हम भी क्या याद करेंगे कि ख़ुदा रखते थे।

तेरी वफ़ा से क्या हो तलाफी की दहर में,
तेरे सिवा भी हम पे बहुत से सितम हुए।

कहते तो हो यूँ कहते, यूँ कहते जो यार आता,
सब कहने की बात है कुछ भी नहीं कहा जाता

चांदनी रात के खामोश सितारों की क़सम,
दिल में अब तेरे सिवा कोई भी आबाद नहीं।

Ending this post with the most famous quote of recent times.

पीने दे शराब मस्जिद में बैठ कर,
या वो जगह बता जहाँ ख़ुदा नहीं।



A Snap A Week : 4

Hey everyone, how was your week, other than the office work of course. Well mine was great as always and I got one more snap for you all. Here it is –

Last time when I was in Dehradun, I got a chance to visit the famous Buddha Temple there and I was quick in awe after seeing the big giant status of Lord Buddha, enlightened.


The Other Side of Fear

  • Most of us have two lives: the life we live, and the unlived life within us.  Steven Pressfield
  • Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the downward spiral begins.”Charles Stanley
  • The four-letter F-word that we should understand better and fight harder than fail is fear – Nicole V. Cramer
  • We are so scared of the unknown. Anything that we haven’t yet experienced can lead to fear – Andrea Holt
  • Bliss is on the other side of the fear – Will Smith

I will forever remember my first adventure sport – para sailing. I was absolutely terrified. Are you sure this parachute is going to stay up? The rope won’t creep out? “No sir, it’s not for sure. But it’s highly likely.” Great.

During water sports, I was scared nearly every moment when in the name of the banana ride the boatmen was taking us to almost the middle of the sea. Well, one thing was for sure—he was going to throw us there any moment. I drove myself crazy wondering what in the world that was going to feel like. But the feeling of laying down flat backwards on the water in the middle of ocean. Wow!!!

May be everyone, at least once in life time thought of why that one step terrify us, why pushing that just one step makes us pull one more back, why we don’t move ahead when every day life gives us new opportunities? Why???

The answer lies deep within us. Fear, fear to fail, fear to not reach to that chair of manager, fear to ask your crush for a date, fear to tell your parents about your dreams, fear to move out when nothing right is happening.

It’s the fear of rejection keeps us back, it’s the fear of failure which don’t let us even try once.

Even after all this if I would say, we should have fear, it is a must have thing. You might find me crazy, might have even thought, this person is retarded, he has just described how bad a fear can be, and now stating it as a must have.

But the truth is, yes we all should a fear within us, fear of not trying, fear of not giving us, our life, a chance to be the way we want it to be. Lets walk through some of the tricky situations, almost we all have faced.

What would have happened if you have asked your crush for a date on the last day of your college, she would not have married somebody else a year later.

What would have happened if you could have spirited the courage to tell your parents that you are good in music, you would not have been designing somebody’s else code, working 12 hours a day and still getting an average rating.

What would have happened if you followed the little inner voice crying out to you to say no to this marriage, you would not have ended up being a divorcee.

There are lot of ifs and buts, later in life when we misses out to push ourselves to just that one step at the right moment, and somehow we all know in which direction this flowchart can take us.

It’s when you stop procrastinating and you just do it because that’s where the magic is. We procrastinate when we’re afraid. It’s so much easier to avoid something than it is to face it. But we’re not here to take the easy way, oh no, we’re here to have incredible experiences.

It’s time. Right now. Not tomorrow but today.

Are you scared? Good, be excited instead. You’re about to have a soul-changing experience.