A Snap A Week : 5

Hey guys, the monsoon has arrived, and the rain drops are taking everyone’s attention now a days, simultaneously the most active species in the monsoon season is photographers, including me. :p

So I took my camera and my vehicle out for a journey in heavy rain making my soul wet, and capturing some of the moments. Meanwhile I got a click which captures quite a beautiful snap.

Here it goes :-


I’ll try to capture these drops more closely in coming weeks. But this one having a part of tress and drops dropping by was a blissful experience. Saw it in slow motion too. πŸ˜›


A Snap A Week : 4

Hey everyone, how was your week, other than the office work of course. Well mine was great as always and I got one more snap for you all. Here it is –

Last time when I was in Dehradun, I got a chance to visit the famous Buddha Temple there and I was quick in awe after seeing the big giant status of Lord Buddha, enlightened.


A Snap A Week

I liked the post series A Snap a DayΒ as it was having some breath taking pictures to not just see, also to throw yourself in them. So I thought I would steal this idea and have it here for me, for you and for every photograph lover in the world.

But a snap per day will be a bit of hype, also being a professional IT world, it’ll be difficult for me to get that one perfect snap everyday for you.

So lets mould this ideaΒ as A Snap A WeekΒ and I here by promise to you all to get that one perfect snap every week.

Here is my first snap for this week.


When sun sets and still has lot to say, it shapes and conveys it message.

Sun set shaping an eagle saying just two words. “FLY HIGH”.