Kodaikanal : Beauty of the Rolling Hills


Kodaikanal is a hill town in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, quite covered with cliffs, forested valleys, lakes, waterfalls and grassy hills. At 2,000 meters above sea level, the town centers around man-made, star-shaped Kodaikanal Lake, bordered by evergreen forest.

It has a lot to offer including boating, hiking, cycling follow the 5k Lake Road path around the shore. Several forests to enthrill, caves to whoooo about, valleys to fascinate, and scenes to mesmerise and most importantly a winter like wave to chill even in the summer oriented South India.


So we planned our trip in July, 2015 as being in Trivandrum, it is not a far place to reach. So an overnight journey through train to Madurai and a bus journey of 4 hours lands us to the south India’s queen of hills. There we booked a travel guide, who took us to several places and thank to it , we were able to cover a lot.

The  dense forest with many varieties of trees, the huge rocks in the wilderness and the enchanting waterfalls, a walk along the valley on the path of Coaker’s walk with some breathtaking views, made it a real gift for us.
There are vendors along the walk selling handicraft items like earrings which are of very good quality and are very reasonably priced!


Lets go through some of the cherished moments of the trip. Scenic beauty, some dark caves, and heavenly edge of the world.





So let me know when you plan for Kodaikanal. 😉